My Donation in Nine Parts

I never thought that I could ever give away an organ. I don’t even have an organ donation card. But when I found out that one of my oldest friends needed help that is exactly what I did. While I was looking for stories  — any stories — about living donation they were not easy to find and those that were on the internet tended to skim over subjects like recovery.

When I was researching I wanted as much detail as possible so own donation story is longer than the ones I managed to find back in 2004.  In our case  we live in different countries,  I had young children and we are different racial groups as well.   Most stories naturally involved family members as well but donation is so personal that I really did want to read stories of donations between strangers or between friends.  If you are thinking about donating to a non family member the decision itself is  complicated and what and  how to tell family and other friends are important.  I hope you find what you need somewhere in my donation story which I have divided into 9 parts for convenience.

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