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Kidney Transplant as a Living Donor

This website is written by a living donor (me) and sponsored by my recipient.

Information for living donors from the point of view of the entire donor experience was almost non existent when I was donating. Still the dearth of stories about the ‘day after’ for example was puzzling. Once I went through the operation I thought I understood why no one wanted to feature the information I was looking for. Donation is a major operation and recovery can take time. But this is all the more reason to give a fuller picture. There is no such thing as an objective experience in kidney donation but hearing the A to Z of what someone else experienced would have helped me enormously.

I was very happy to volunteer to donate to my friend and our transplant went well but everyone is different. This website does not advocate for donation. The purpose is to provide practical information in a logical manner to people who are considering living donation. It may especially be helpful to potential donors who are not related to their recipient. In my case my recipient and I are longtime friends of different racial origins, gender and nationality.  This is not a medical site and does not offer medical advice. It does have links to medical sites for further research on kidney donation.

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