The Transplant Team – Roles and Responsibilities

Who is in the Transplant Team?

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A kidney transplant involves a great many people right from the start. There may have been more involved in my transplant because we were part of a research project at the same time. I gave more blood than would have been normal for a transplant. Although there were seven or eight in the operating room when the transplant took place there were others as well. Here they are in the order that I met them.

Transplant Coordinator – A nurse who is responsible for the process and serves as the main point of contact, advising the donor of testing schedules and answering questions. My first contact with the transplant coordinator was by email.

Social Worker – In some hospitals a social worker acts as a counsellor and point of contact for people considering donation.S/he helps potential donors reflect on a wide range of issues before making their decisions for or against donation. Social workers also assess the motivation, hopes, concerns, vulnerabilities and support systems of potential donors.

Kidney Doctor or Nephrologist – a kidney specialist who will ask general health questions. S/he is very specifically concerned with the health of your kidneys

The Surgeons – explain the procedure and perform the surgery and are responsible for immediate after care

The Anaesthetist – I met my anaesthetist in the prep room for the surgery. He is the one who gave me ‘the drugs!’

After care Nurses supported by a small army of lab technicians.

The Transplant Team in Action

My donation story gives a detailed description of what it was like for me to meet and work with my transplant team.

More Information…

Live Donors does not provide medical advice. For Medical and other information on Kidney donation here are some helpful websites.


Johns Hopkins Medicine (US)

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